Ravel Children’s Silicone Football Watch – Red


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Moving past the years of learning to tell the time, Ravel have introduced a bulkier more substantial black sports case to stand up more to the rigours a slightly older child will put their watch through. Dummy buttons and bezel print for a more sporty look
For a tougher case there must be a tougher strap! We have used a silicone strap that is easier to clean whilst being tougher wearing and more durable. Still, however featuring this classic red football design for any growing boy or girl.
“The small case size and comfy adjustable silicone strap are suitable for ages 5-10 years and will stand up to the daily rigours children put them through. Key Product Features”
Featuring a high-grade Quartz movement and long-lasting, replaceable Japanese battery and the splash proof construction that will protect it from water spray.
Complete with 12 Months Manufacturers Guarantee

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