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These certificate/photo Table standing or wall hanging frames are perfect for displaying your achievements or favourite pictures at home or in the office, the 21cm x 29.7cm frame is made from sturdy material and can hold any A4 size document.

These stylish picture frames come in 3 different colours including gold, silver and black. The frames can also be purchased in different pack sizes, the available packs include a 1pack, 4 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack and a 36 pack.


A4 Certificate photo frame
Ideal for displaying photos, certificates and official documents
Made from sturdy material
Photo size 21 x 30cm
Available in 3 colours, Gold, Silver, and Black
Height: 30cm Width: 21cm Depth: 2cm

Package Content
1 x A4 Photo/Certificate Frame

Additional information

Weight 8.7 kg
Dimensions 72 × 25.4 × 33.5 cm


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